Marji Mozart ~ Lead Singer, Keys, Bass

Marji Mozart is a singer, performer, songwriter, arranger, pianist and bassist. 

Classically trained, she has been performing since she was 2 years old. 

Her work experience beginning in her early teens includes, performing in a show choir, performing as backing vocals and keys for various professional bands, writing and arranging for a full choir and orchestra, teaching piano and voice, performing as a solo act, also performing as front woman to a pop, rock, alternative band, where they perform their own award winning originals. 

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Jay ~ Lead Guitar, Bass

Born in Southern Utah, Jay began playing the guitar around the age of 8. Not attending any formal lessons, Jay started studying classical, flamenco style guitar. He also began learning how to play the piano. Growing up, he would sing in harmony with his siblings, doing local performances. Joining Marji Mozart Band at the end of 2018, Jay became the lead guitarist at age 18. 

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Jimmy Morgan ~Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Backing Vocals

Native to Salt Lake City, Jimmy grew up in Southern Utah, under harsh circumstances. He began playing the guitar around the age of 16, as a means to escape the struggles he was made to endure. Jimmy has been quoted as saying, "Picking up the guitar saved my life, gave me something to look forward to... gave me a sense of purpose." JImmy joined Marji Mozart Band as the bassist, but also is the rhythm guitarist, backing vocals, as well as the co-writer for many of their originals. 

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